Questions and answers about water delivery

All you maybe wanted to ask
We collected questions that our customers often ask.
Look them through. Perhaps you will find the answer to your question.
All the questions are gathered in groups:

  • how to order the delivery of water, about the schedule of delivery; about time and regions of delivery;
  • about quality of water;
  • how to store water; about shelf life;

How to order water

How to order your water?

There are some ways to order water.

  1. To press one of the red buttons on the main page of this site, complete the form and send it to us. It is enough for us to have your phone number. We will call you back and ask all we need to deliver water to your place.

  2. To make a phone call. Our phone numbers are shown at the top of the main page of the site. We speak English.

  3. To come to us to Trade Technical Center (TTC TOTEM) at 3, Pisarzjevskogo, Dnipro and order delivery there.

I am a student and I am not a resident of Ukraine. I would not buy a bottle because I will leave the country then. Can I lend it for a while?
Yes, you can. Just let us know and we will prepare the agreement for you to get a bottle against a pledge.
Can I get a discount?

Yes, you can. We can discuss this question by phone.

Questions about the delivery

Do you deliver water all round the city?

Yes, you can order water for any region of Dnipro.

What time can you deliver water to my appartment?
We deliver water any day of the week except Saturday and Sunday, from 7 am to the end of delivery of the last bottle. As for the evening, sorry, we do not deliver water in the evening yet.

Questions about the quality of water

How to store water?
It would be the best decision if you keep your bottle in the dark cool place.
Is it OK to give you water to babies?
Certainly, it is the best water for your baby to drink. It is absolutely safe. But to be on the safe side, please boil it preliminarily.
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