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1. We deliver high-quality drinking water

TOTEM ™ is the best drinking water for you and your family

  The main reason why it is worth to purchase water at TTC TOTEM or to order it's delivery to homes and offices is it's a perfect quality that has been confirmed over 17 years of a successful business.

  Water TOTEM meets the requirements not only National Ukrainian Drinking water standard ДСанПіН 2.2.4-400-10 "Гігієнічні вимоги до води питної, призначеної для споживання людиною", but all national standards of most developed countries of the world, the standard of WHO as well.

  Do you think all bottled waters are the same? And all you need is to find the cheapest?

  Really, if you pour different bottled waters in clear glasses all the waters will look clear and transparent. Another kettle of fish you will have if you look at these waters in colorimeter. Look at this picture. More impurities water has dirtier and darker is its color. Water ТОТЕМ is light-blue. It proves its very high quality.

  Delivery of purified water TOTEM in Dnipro is the best way to supply your family with drinking water of high quality.

2. We purify water by the best quality equipment in Ukraine

Only we use our own production equipment and serve it ourselves

  Totem Cruise Ltd has been designing, manufacturing, mounting and starting in operation water treatment systems of our own trademark for 19 years. Since this time we have manufactured and started in operation many hundreds of water purification systems of different purposes and productivity, throughout the country and outside it.

  The water treatment system located in Trade Technical center has been started in operation in 2002. Since then it has been modified and reconstructed many times so that it has always been staying at the forefront of technical and scientific progress in water treatment technology.

  We know our equipment and technology very well. The system is being maintained in peak condition. It has been producing stable high-quality water for 17 years.

  For us the delivery of purified water in Dnipro is one more way to show the effectiveness of our water treatment equipment.

3. We use the newest water treatment technologies

We were first in Ukraine who implemented aquaporin water channel filtration

  In 2019 we carried out and ordinary reconstruction and installed our new generation RO system ТОТЕМ SMART with an advanced controller that made it possible to improve the reliability, effectiveness, and quality of water treatment system in whole.

  For the first time in Ukraine we applied the biomimetic membranes of Aquaporin A/S, Denmark. There used the filtration technology through auaporin water channels, striking technology implemented by nature several billion years ago and inherited by all the living organisms in the Earth.

4. We are purifying and selling water in full view of everyone

It's up to you whether to buy water in Totem Trade Center or to order its delivery

  In Trade Technical Center ТОТЕМ the water treatment system is working in front of buyers and potential water delivery customers. TOTEM purified water is being bottled there as well and each bottle condition is being checked thoroughly before filling. The goal is to exclude the possible occurrences of water bottle misuse.

5. We use the best quality and the most expensive bottles

All our bottles are in perfect condition

  We pay special attention to the condition of bottles we use for delivery. Only one manufacturer's bottles of very good quality are used.

  Bottles that lost their good condition are being replaced.

  We can exchange your bottles for ours only in exceptional cases after checking of its condition.

6. The premium water of Ukraine

with the taste of melted ice

  The pure water ТОТЕМ has a wonderful taste of melted ice and is perfectly suitable for cooking, making of tea and coffee. Only using water TOTEM you can get a natural color, taste, and smell of your favorite drinks.

  Do you know what color should have freshly brewed high-quality tea, light amber. If the color of your tea is dark brown, you are wasting your tea using bad quality water.

  You can drink high-quality water TOTEM at any age without any limits. It doesn't contain any dangerous impurities.

7. We deliver water and think about ecology

We do not want to pollute the environment and that is why we do not use for TOTEM water delivery:
PE bags for bottles packing
  We are concerned about the problem of environmental plastic pollution. PE bags do not improve the hygiene of bottled water usage. However, tons of PE plastic wastes are released into the environment. That is why we use plastic bags only if we deliver water to industrial premises.
PE caps for one-time use
  Everywhere the PE caps are released into waste. It does not serve as a seal because it can be replaced easily. We use shrink-wrapped caps that are significantly lower in a volume of plastic then PE caps but function as a good seal.

8. Additives are prohibited

We do not mineralize purified water

  We are completely opposed to addition anything to water, even certified by someone. Our customers themselves decide what products to eat and are not interested in chemicals forced feeding.

  Indeed, no one reasonable person would add chemicals in one's water. Even if they are qualified as chemically pure.

  Water in regions with high concentration of centenariens contains only a small amount of minerals.

9. Safety is guaranteed

We pay special attention to the safety of water

  Microbiological safety of water at the water store is a question of the highest importance. The feed tap water meets the requirements of Ukrainian national drinking water standard ДСанПіН 2.2.4-400-10. We maintain the microbiological safety of water at all stages of the water treatment process. The simultaneous use of several sanitizing technologies ensures a synergistic effect. At that, the sanitizing equipment doesn't lead to secondary pollution of water with byproducts.

  You can drink low TDS water ТОТЕМ without preliminary boiling.

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